Hiroshima Art-week for Peace(HAPeace)

Say "hapeace", then the peace and happiness
will fall to you from the sky.

---Hiroshima - Art week for Peace(hapeace)---
Hiroshima, one of the worlds most symbolic town of peace. This
summer, we would like to fill our city with art to represent our
peaceful mind as we celebrate Aug. 6.(The day of the Hiroshima
bombing) We hope that the music and art will symbolize a wind that
will blow through this city while it brings happiness and peace that
is shared with people all over the world.
The movement, Hiroshima - Art week for Peace (Acronym "hapeace"),
was started this year with this mission in mind.

By mentioning "hapeace", peace and happiness will fall to you from
the sky... In order to make this magical word "hapeace" come true,
lets stir up and start the wind of "hapeace" that would blow from
Hiroshima City to the rest of the world.

Office: Tsutomu Masujima
Hiroshima Univ. Sch. of Med.
1-2-3, Kasumi, Minami-ku, Hiroshima 734-8551, Japan.
Tel: 81(JPN)-82-257-5300
Fax: 81(JPN)-82-257-5304